ColdFusion MX on FreeBSD – It Works!

For the 2-5 people in the ColdFusion community that might actually be interested… :) I finally got a chance to play with installing CFMX on FreeBSD again, and have it up and running! I’m pretty excited– this is something I’ve wanted to have working for a long time– my favorite web dev language running on my favorite OS.

I wish I had a beefier box to try it out on– I don’t think the Celeron 466 with 256 MB of RAM its on will really be a good testament to its performance, but its what I have. I’m running a few sample Fusebox 3 apps that don’t really do any queries or anything special, and they are taking around 2.3 seconds per page to run (and yes, I realize they have to compile on the first load). Anyone ran CFMX on a Windows box with similar hardware? I’m curious about the difference in performance since FreeBSD is a pretty Java unfriendly platform, but its getting better.

Anyhow, I still have a lot of stuff to finish configuring before I can give much of a review on it. I’ll document the process and post it somewhere once I’m farther along than just having the CF Administrator and some demo code working… its actually pretty easy, just needed 4-5 extra hours to play and some hardware to get to try it out again. I must mention– thanks to Macromedia for documenting the OSX install which helped me with this one.

Here are a couple of screen shots of things which might be familiar to you if you’re a ColdFusion developer.

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