ColdFusion MX on FreeBSD? Quick Update

During the CFMX beta period, I started playing around with getting CFMX running on FreeBSD 5.0 STABLE and got far enough that I could get the service to start. However, being that there was no source to the Apache connectors provided, I didn�t have a way to connect it to Apache which made the exercise pointless to me, so I abandoned the project as I always have many other things going on. Since then the Apache connectors have been released, and people have been running it successfully on OSX, so its time for me to give it another shot.

I moved into a new house somewhat recently, and I’m finally getting around to setting-up a hosting and network environment at home, and resurrecting old hardware as new servers. Right now I have FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE installed on what will be the new server, and I plan-on getting ColdFusion MX running on it one way or another. I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks and will post my results since I’ve had a few people ask about it after finding my site via Google.

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