FreeBSD on Sun Ultra 10 Workstation

I bought a Ultra 10 workstation a couple of years ago to teach myself Solaris on native hardware, and perhaps look into getting Solaris certified. After playing with Solaris for a few weeks, I decided that it wasn’t for me, and I ended-up with a pretty expensive doorstop.

I got curious this evening after remember reading bits and pieces about FreeBSD running on SPARC hardware, and found a couple of resources on getting it up and running.

This method looks like a huge pain in the ass. This is one reason I never got far when attempting to install Linux on it– it takes a lot of time to sit and fight hardware you aren’t used to. I used to have the same problem when I ran Linux on my first server, a DEC Alpha (circa 1997).

This poster has a way to get around the lack of console support, but it sounds like console support is on the way in FreeBSD 5.2

Maybe when I get the replacement box online for, I’ll give it a try on the Ultra 10 since it would only sell for $150 or so, now. Perhaps it would make a good mail server? Or maybe there is someone out there interested in purchasing the Ultra 10 from me.

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