Slashdot Book Review: The Introvert Advantage

Good stuff. As a stereotypical introvert, its good to see that there are books out there like this one.

When a friend of mine recommended this book, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I’m an introvert, but I didn’t see what good reading about it was going to accomplish. I don’t particularly need conversation starters or dating tips, so what’s the point? The back cover claims, ‘Filled with Aha! moments of recognition. Dr. Laney’s book will help millions of introverts understand why they are misunderstood, learn to appreciate who they are, and develop a just-right life in a world where extroverts once ruled.’ Sounds like hyperbole, but after reading the book I find myself in agreement.

I’m okay with being an introvert– I’ve finally got a pretty good grasp on it, but being that most people aren’t introverts, it can certainly be challenging to live in an extrovert world. It seems like a good number of my friends who I do hang-out with on occasion are extroverts, but have eventually grown to realize the quirks that I as an introvert have– such as not liking to do group things because they are very tiring. I’ve got in many fights during relationships over things like that. “Why don’t we ever hang-out with your friends? Why don’t you want to go do the X group thing with me?” I did however use to be more extroverted when I was younger, so I have lived on both sides.

Anyhow, I’m pretty interested in this book because it has recommendations on how to interact in an extroverted world. Being a big fan of self-discovery and a bit OCD about pretty much everything, I think I’ll probably have to pick-up this book. If anything, I’d think it would give me some additional insight on how to explain to others my personality “quirks”. Everyone has their own insecurities and problems I think, if you face them and learn more about them, they are easier to deal with.

Now if there was a book on how to train SO’s to not ask the “What are you thinking?” question every two minutes if there is silence, I’d be a happy man.

Oh, I suppose you probably want a link to the review?

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