Getting FTP to Work with Ant in Eclipse

I never seem to remember what I need to install to get the optional <ftp> task in Ant working when it’s time to blow away Eclipse and start a fresh install. Here is the basic information you need to get it working:

For Ant 1.5, you will need to download NetComponents.jar.

For Ant 1.6 (Ant 1.6.2 is current in the Eclipse 3.1 Milestone as of this writing), you will need commons-net.jar and the Jakarta ORO JAR file.

Grab the applicable files above and put them in your $ECLIPSEHOME/plugins/org.apache.ant_$CURRENTVERSION/lib folder. You’ll then need to add the file(s) you copied to this directory to the Ant classpath which you can do by going to Window > Preferences, traverse down the tree on the left to Ant > Runtime, and use the dialog box which appears to add them. I usually use the “Add External JAR’s” option myself. Click “OK” when done,and then you should be good to go. You may however need to restart Eclipse.

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