ColdFusion MX 7.0 Licensing Information via Deployment Type

After attending a high-level presentation about CFMX 7.0, a couple of co-workers got the impression that you could use the Sourceless Deployment option to essentially deploy a CFMX application to a J2EE server without needing a license for it. I interjected after remembering a thread about this topic on CFTalk recently, but couldn’t cite any specifics. I ended-up going back to the thread for clarification and found the information that I needed. Thanks to Sean Corfield and Dave Carabetta for elaborating in the thread.

The high level view for licensing regarding the ColdFusion 7.0 deployment options are:

- Sourceless Byte Code Deployment: ONLY runs on an existing ColdFusion 7 Server. This option is intended to protect ColdFusion source code if you want to sell a ColdFusion based product to other people who have their own CF 7 server without giving up intellectual property within that code. The deployed code refers to the ColdFusion runtime directly but does not actually include the ColdFusion runtime itself.

- J2EE EAR/WAR Deployment: Can be deployed to supported J2EE servers (and then some.. I’ve deployed it to Apache Tomcat and have read about people deploying it on JBoss as well). ColdFusion runtime is embedded within archive file. Requires standard per server Enterprise licensing. I think the previous semantic was taken the wrong way– you will need a Enterprise license to deploy the EAR/WAR into a production environment once the Enterprise trial expires. Can be deployed without the ColdFusion Administrator and the ColdFusion source files.

In summary, you can’t use the Sourceless Deployment feature to deploy a ColdFusion application to a J2EE server in order to avoiding paying for licenses.

Update: Sean has posted a more elaborate version of how the two deployment options work.

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