CostCo Harmonics Laminate Flooring

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been tempted by the Costco Harmonics laminate wood flooring at CostCo, right? My first dog did quite a bit of damage to my carpet, and the current one has had a couple of accidents (for having her for 1.5 years now, she’s honestly done really well), so in general the cheap crappy carpet in my place is pretty much shot. I’ve always liked wood flooring, and laminate flooring is supposed to be better with pets as far as not getting scratched-up is concerned. While doing research about it, I found a whole ton of information about the stuff you see at CostCo.

I’d say my takeaway from my research is that if you pick it up while it’s on sale, it ends up being only around $1.50 s/f INCLUDING padding, and overall it’s a pretty decent system. Sounds like it’s fairly easy to do yourself as well as long as you have someone there to help you cut pieces, etc, so you don’t have to get up and down all the time.

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