Guidelines to Naming CFC’s

I came across a very good post at Hacknot about naming classes which seems very adaptable to ColdFusion CFC’s. I think I already adapt a pretty good percentage of these practices, but there are certainly a lot of things listed there which I’ve never taken into consideriation before when naming CFC’s. Granted it’s just a guide and not THE standard or anything, but it does seem to be fairly sound.

I’m currently in finals week of my Java class, and I must say it’s helped me a lot as far as approaching how I structure CF applications and name CFC’s. The OO world was pretty eye-opening to me after doing several full applications in Java, even after adapting design patterns to what I already do in CFC’s. One of many sessions I’m looking forward to at CFUnited-05 is Simon Horwith’s discussion about Design Patterns and CFML, especially how things like Custom Tags fit into the still relatively young world of OO in ColdFusion.

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