Source for Easy Editor (ee of FreeBSD fame)

Sometimes when I’m on a Linux box I find myself a bit crippled without being able to use Easy Editor. I do know vi as it was the first editor I taught myself, but when I just need to do a quick edit ee does the trick.

Each time I want to compile it on a new machine I’m configuring, it takes a bit of research to find the source for ee so that I can compile it and use it on Linux, so I thought I’d post a link to the source code for ee for me to find later when I need it again.

Update: (2011-01-03)

Just thought I’d update this very old blog entry. These days I use nano instead of easy editor on Linux. I have to admit it’s now been many years since I’ve used FreeBSD. :(

I also went ahead and uploaded the latest source of easy editor (ee) to my GitHub account just in case the above URL dies. You can download the source code for easy editor here as well.

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