A New Personal Blog: blog.bharper

I’ve been meaning to start turning the content of this site into a fairly focused software development blog for awhile, and finally got one of the first major steps done. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve finally moved all of my personal stuff to a new blog which is tentatively titled blog.bharper, and will start judiciously deleting old personal content from this site as it slowly morphs into a more generic software development site. My new blog is a fairly informal place for me to post stuff that I’m interested in outside of the general geekery posted about here, and also gives me a place to share trivial events with family and friends while also not intending to alienate people with LiveJournal type drivel. Anyhow, there isn’t much new content there that you haven’t already seen at the moment, but if you’re more interested in me rather than the geek stuff I write, you might want to start checking the new blog instead. I don’t plan on linking to it directly from this site again, so now is your chance to grab the url.

Surprisingly enough out of over almost 4 years of writing (600+ posts) on this site, about half of them were not software related. So of course that means I’ll have to spend hours going though this site as well to delete non-programming related posts. Good times. Look for some fairly dramatic changes coming to this site as well in the upcoming weeks.

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