Django Is Gaining Legs

While I keep poking around Django, I have yet to do much other than from simple stuff with it. That said, it’s definitely starting to gain some ground, particularly in the media space. Locally in Colorado, both the Boulder Daily Camera and the Steamboat Pilot have converted their sites to using Django, and recently one of the lead developers, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, flew to Colorado to work with a local group of Pythonistas over a weekend to add Oracle support before Django hits 1.0.

Subsequently, they have started work on the Django book slated to print next year, and it’s much like the online editing format which the Subversion book is under. I really like the community driven aspect of the book and will probably pick-up a copy once it’s released.

While it seems that Ruby On Rails seems to get most of the buzz these days (especially those silly arguments how the /framework/ Ruby on Rails is going to replace the Java /language/), I think Django is doing a bit better in the commercial space, particularly in publishing. And by commercial I mean established companies, not “hey look how cool and web 2.0 we are” sorts of startups. Not that there is anything wrong with that as I prefer to work in startups actually, I just thought I’d make the distinction.

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