Hacking Apache HTTPD Server at Yahoo!

Michal J. Radwin of Yahoo! gave a presentation at the recent ApacheCon 2005 about their own internal version of Apache HTTPD Server called yapache, and the various hacks and configuration issues which they’ve worked through over the years.

Since 1996, Yahoo has been running Apache HTTP Server on thousands of servers and serving billions of requests a day. This session reveals the secrets of how Yahoo gets maximum performance out of minimal hardware by tweaking configuration directives and hacking the source code. Radwin will cover topics such as reducing bandwidth costs, extensible logfile format and rotation schemes, dumping core gracefully, and how to avoid the dreaded MaxClients, Max/MinSpareServers, StartServers configuration nightmare.

Being that I work pretty frequently with threading (at least at a high level), I think one of my favorite points of the presentation is when he mentions the difficulty of thread programming, though it’s certainly not the point of the presentation. Overall it’s a very good and valuable presentation if you use Apache HTTPD Server.

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