Have You Had JRun Connector Problems?

Steve has a few entries about the problems he’s having with JRun connectors, and admittedly they’ve been quite a thorn for me for quite some time. I’ve pretty much narrowed the problem down to them being problems with connecting to JRun Clusters as connections to single instances seem to work fine (this is with IIS 5 and Windows Server 2003, by the way). This has been a long standing problem for me, so I’ve tried all kinds of installs from ColdFusion MX 7-7.02, with and without hotfixes, etc.

Here is the list of symptoms I’ve seen in general:

  • IIS Hangs and does not return responses
  • All kinds of entries in the connector log that look like this
  • Restarting the IIS Admin and dependent services will temporarily clear-up the problem, and then it starts happening again
  • It seems to happen more frequently when the machine has less load, but I have no emperical evidence of that to pass on
  • If you connect to the instances directly via a browser, they are running just fine

The things I’ve tried without success / double checked:

  • Tried the connector both with and without native OS memory allocation
  • Made sure that no other services on any of the servers were using any of the same ports as JRun
  • Made sure that all NIC’s and ports on the switch were configured for 100 Base T
  • Installed IIS on an application server, and connected it to the cluster on the same server (to eliminate network problems as a possible cause)
  • Installed the IIS Hotfix

The one work around to the problem is to delete the registered instances and cluster for the server, and just connect directly to one of the instances, so it seems to be some sort of problem with JRun Clusters. I have a hard time trying to figure-out what the problem could be given the large amount of time I’ve spent on troubleshooting this (even to the point of redoing server architecture to work around it), and the most frustrating thing is that clustering doesn’t even seem to work correctly when putting IIS on the same machine with the app server.

Has anyone else had problems with the JRun connectors when connecting to JRun clusters? Luckily I won’t have to deal with them for much longer given a new change in architecture soon which will allow them to be load balanced via a load balancer at the application tier as well instead of just being balanced at the web tier, but until then I’ll probably end-up removing all connections to JRun clusters and have IIS talk to a single instance instead since it seems to be a “known good” configuration.

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