Moving Forward: Changes In Some Feed URL’s

I’m in the process of transitioning this blog from content consisting of items about my personal life and interests to instead focus on software development. That said, I’ve started removing all links to external sites of friends (you’re now linked from my new personal blog) and also reorganizing categories. A few of my regular readers out there will probably notice that some feed URL’s are broken, and you’ll need to slightly update them. For instance I have quite a few people using the “Geekery” feed which has been renamed to “Culture”.

Given the new focus of this blog, I’d highly recommend adjusting your feed reader to start picking-up the full feed for this site rather than one of the topic categories such as “ColdFusion”. I don’t plan on writing non-topical content on this blog again anytime soon, and all of the non-geek related categories have been removed.

While I could setup yet another of layer of mod_rewrite rules in Apache to fix the various problems I’ve created with the feed URL’s, I’d like to try and start to work towards a relaunch of this site without being hampered with the various legacy support hacks that I’ve had to put in over the years. In theory the main category changes I’ve made should mostly be done and shouldn’t change again anytime soon, but don’t hold your breath. It will be nice to clear-out all of the existing hacks and start anew.

I appreciate your patience, and hopefully I’ll slowly but surely transition the design and ancillary content of this site into a more focused area.

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