New At Indeed: Job Salary Search


Rony Kahan, one of the founders of Indeed (a search engine for jobs) e-mailed me about their new Salary Search Tool which is currently in beta.

Here are a few interesting examples which I tried out:

ColdFusion’s biggest employer by geography seems to be Washington DC metro area because of all of the goverment related entities using ColdFusion. Indeed Salary Search According to the Indeed Salary Search Tool, the current average salary for a ColdFusion position in DC is $81,000. Also, for each search you do, it gives you another interesting statistic like this:

“Average salaries of ColdFusion job postings in Washington, DC are about 30% higher than average salaries of ColdFusion job postings nationwide.”

It can do this relative to other jobs as well. For example, entering the job keyword of Java without a location (which looks to have an average of $74K nationwide) will give you this statistic:

Average salaries of Java job postings nationwide are about 56% higher than average salaries of job postings nationwide.

It’s too bad that most job openings don’t seem to post salary ranges, but the Salary Search will at least give you a rough idea of what the average salary is being listed in the market. Personally I think it’s a bad idea for an employer to not post a range as they could be wasting both theirs and a candidates time if the range is not what a candidate is looking for, but I digress.

Now that Indeed seemingly has a lot of the parsing/storing/updating of jobs completed and has for awhile, it seems that we can expect many cool tools from them just like this one. The Salary Search in particular is good to see if you’d like a window on the current salary of the job market of your choice. I really need to get around to implementing some ideas I have for the various API’s which they offer, such as Pete Freitag’s JobMaps.

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