The Final Word On How to Pronounce Linux

I came across this yesterday and forgot to post it, but I don’t remember where I saw it unfortunately. Anyhow, the last word on how to pronounce Linux has finally surfaced. I’m so glad to hear it’s the way I’ve been pronouncing it since starting to play with it in the mid 90′s, because saying “Lienux” just seemed very unnatural to me. Even the various Linux IBM commercials have pronounced it in the same manner. I feared that I was actually saying it wrong since I first discovered it on IRC way back when and probably didn’t even hear it muttered in a sentence for at least a year or two after that, so I just always pronounced it as “Linn-ucks”.

In closing, let me just say this: “Lienux” Nerds == pwned

More news at 11.

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