The New CFDJ Editorial Board

I’m proud to announce that I’m now part of the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal Editorial Board. We have quite an impressive list of experienced developers and evangelists in the community, and I’m honored to be part of the great group helping steer the magazine along with Jeremy and Simon.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and critiquing technical content, starting with being a Technical Editor on Inside ColdFusion MX, which now seems like a very long time ago. Since then the ColdFusion book market has been consolidated so I haven’t had the chance to work on a book again, but I have wrote a few things for the CFDJ, and occasionally post something on my blog which reaches a much larger audience than I expected. I think I have a fairly unique perspective on ColdFusion since I’m not a very typical CF developer, and hopefully I can bring an interesting and useful perspective to the group.

One thing which has already been discussed is some of the poor choices of aggregating blog entries as articles without author’s permission, and I have also been a bit critical of Sys-Con previously myself. As Jeff already posted, this is something which seems to be in the past and weren’t part of the daily operations of the print version of the CFDJ. However, I think the new board will continue the evolvement of the magazine since Simon took over as Editor in Chief, and we’d love to hear any additional feedback or suggestions (including article proposals of course) about the publication you’d like to provide.

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