News Flash: Apple Finally Released Java 6 for MacOS X!

UPDATE: I was up too late, and didn’t notice that it’s update 6 for Java, not Java 6. This is just another update for Java 5… *sigh*

I’ve been up pretty late doing a little work and tying-up some last minute Christmas shopping, and out of the blue this Apple update window popped-up:

Java 6 for MacOS X is here!

I’m super glad to finally see an Apple release of Java 6! I’ve been developing with SoyLatte lately and was going to write a quick tutorial on how to get it up and running on MacOS X, so I guess I don’t necessarily need to do that now. Although given Apple’s secrecy about Java releases and the future of Java on MacOS X, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an alternative around.

I’m still on Tiger– I assume Leopard users are seeing this update too?

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