Open Source ColdFusion: Smith Project To Be Released As Open Source

While doing my normal nightly browsing, I saw an “Open Source ColdFusion Server” digg which mentioned that the Smith Project, a free and lightweight CFML implementation, is going to be Open Sourced. This is great news for the community, and I’m definitely anticipating it’s release as an open source project.

Before I came across Smith a few months ago or so, I’d been long thinking about writing a Java based parser generator with support for a very limited subset of CFML type tags just to have a light markup language that could seamlessly call Java objects and services without the pain of JSP or overhead and cost of a full-featured CFML implementation. I think this will certainly fit that need for me once it’s open sourced, and will save me a lot of time from having to implement it myself. :)

On a related note, this is the first ColdFusion related digg I’ve seen that hasn’t turned into a “PHP/RoR PWNS COLDFUZION U N00B LOLZ” type discussion. Knock on wood.

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