Rant: Installing Ubuntu 7.04 With An ATI Video Card Just Plain Sucks

I have to say I’m pretty annoyed with Ubuntu Linux at the moment. I’ve been wrestling with it all afternoon and evening to try and get it installed and working on an Lenovo / IBM T60 Thinkpad, and thus far it’s been a huge waste of time. After much googling throughout the day and trying many different things out without any success, I finally came across what I think the problem is, so I’m downloading yet /another/ ISO of Ubuntu to install.

Long story short, when trying to install Ubuntu 7.04 or upgrade to 7.04, XWindows is totally broken and won’t start with many ATI video cards, including the ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 which is in the T60. Dealing with XWindows was a deal breaker many years ago when I first tried switching to Linux on the desktop, and I can’t imagine their target audience trying to fix a problem like this.

I’m not so much annoyed that it’s a bug, but rather, it was a bug which did not exist in previous versions of Ubuntu, and was known about before Feisty Fawn was released. While ATI is known to barely even provide Linux drivers, I think the blame primarily goes to Ubuntu as this bug was filed and reproduced before the release date. I was able to install previous versions just fine, but 7.04 would simply not install. Someone didn’t do good regression testing or should have called this bug as a blocker for the release. Shame on you, Ubuntu QA, or whoever allowed this product into the wild without fixing the bug. I even read the release notes before installing this and there was nothing mentioned about this bug. I don’t know enough about the ATI driver fiasco in general, but they definitely share some of the blame in general for being the cause of the bug to begin with.

Ubuntu “Feisty Fawn” 7.04 should not have shipped with such a major bug for a large segment of users.

UPDATE: Looks like this is not the only major bug they shipped with.

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