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Wow, it’s really been quite awhile since I’ve wrote much regularly, and I hope to start reversing that trend. Ever since I f’ed up the WordPress theme I did from scratch I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do much at this blog. I’ve looked through a zillion themes and found pretty glaring flaws in all of them, and didn’t want to do one from scratch again. I was browsing around at random over the weekend and came across the new theme you see now, Carrington, at Crowd Favorite (which is local to me). Next thing you know, I’ve upgraded all of my blogs to the latest version of WordPress, and even made this one look good again. It still needs a little work, but I’m happy so far. Hats off to Alex King and team at Crowd Favorite by producing a theme good enough to get me interested in my blog again.

At the same time I’m now working at BT working on high-end video teleconferencing solutions which has proved to be a really interesting situation for me– the business knowledge needed to work in the domain itself is more challenging than becoming fluent in a new programming language. Coming from a background of working on mostly scalable services meant for website and enterprise consumption, working in a rapidly growing and changing area of telecom has proved to be a welcome new challenge. We have a lot of really cool stuff rolling around, and I can honestly say some of the stuff I’m working on actually changes peoples lives all across the world in a significant way which is a first for me, and a rare experience as a Software Engineer.

That said, I haven’t had many burning topics on my mind in the software space since I’ve had my brain wrapped around learning how telecom and video conferencing works for the past several months. I have a couple of personal pet projects I’m working on in my spare time, and if/as they progress, they will provide some fodder for more technical blog posts.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and keeping me in your RSS feeds– hopefully this will start getting a little more regular again soon.

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