Coming Out of Hibernation

This site, to some degree, has been online since the first part of 2003. Given that it’s almost 9 years old now, it certainly has some baggage associated with it. Over the past few years I’ve been severely neglecting it; every since I lost a custom theme I’d coded by hand, I just never found one I was very happy with. Also around the same time, I signed-up for Twitter, then left a job I had been at for 4 years to join a startup and things have just been crazy every since between my career and personal life. I have about twice as many followers on Twitter than I do RSS readers of this blog, and it’s time to change that!

The state of my blog has been killing me and it was time to update it. I’ve had the last week off of work and have spent a portion of it ripping the guts out of this blog and replacing them. New theme, almost all new plugins, etc. Other than starting off on a new blogging platform, it’s pretty much been done to this site. I still have some editing and purging of old entries to do, but I wanted to iterate quickly and get something out the door TODAY.

I’m pretty pleased as to how it’s turned-out and plan on trying to blog more frequently. If that doesn’t happen, I suppose I may as well shut it down or rethink it a bit.

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