Resources For Pitching GitHub Enterprise

Recently GitHub announced GitHub Enterprise, a way to have all of the goodness of GitHub behind your own companies firewall on your own servers. GitHub in general is an obvious win for developers, but when trying to pitch why it’s so awesome to managers, execs, etc I was sort of at a loss as there isn’t currently much on the GHE site as far as features, etc. I reached out to GitHub trainer Matthew McCullough @matthewmccull for some ideas on features that I was not even aware of, and we came-up with a GitHub wiki page which outlines all of the various features we could think of that you would get over plain git hosting by using GitHub Enterprise:

GitHub Enterprise

While this is the only thing I’m aware of to use to help you pitch GitHub Enterprise to your peers and superiors at the time of writing, I plan on this being a living entry and will update it as I’m made aware of more stuff. If you know of other features, please update the Wiki entry above. Also, if you have other resources to use for pitching GitHub, contact me and I will add them to this page.

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