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All Files Up To Date

Wow, it’s really been quite awhile since I’ve wrote much regularly, and I hope to start reversing that trend. Ever since I f’ed up the WordPress theme I did from scratch I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do much at this … Continue reading

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An Alternative To Waiting In Line for the iPhone 3G

I’ve been on the fence quite awhile about the iPhone. It’s not cheap, it’s grossly over-hyped by a very fanatic fan base who seem to overlook it’s flaws, and while I’m not a terribly flashy person, there seems to be … Continue reading

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A Regular Expression To Proxy Basic ColdFusion Requests

(Note: I’m cleaning up some old drafts which have been sitting around for awhile.) A couple of years ago while setting-up a new J2EE server cluster using the Implementing Multitier Hardware Load Balancing with ColdFusion MX for J2EE or JRun … Continue reading

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How To Fix Sound Problems In Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy on Dell Computers

Currently, my main workstation at home is a Dell Dimension E520 which primarily runs Ubuntu 7.10, but I also dual boot into Windows XP for my photography hobby. One problem I had after upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10 from the default … Continue reading

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Getting Behind Python: Sun Hires Python & Jython Developers

As both a fan and user of the great technologies Python, and the Sun JVM (primarily via Java), I was very happy to come across this eWeek article which says that Sun announced the hiring of two key Python engineers. … Continue reading

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How To Display Which Processes Are Using What Ports

This is just a quick entry on how to see which software is using which ports. This comes in handy when trying to install an application server, web server, etc, and are getting errors like “port is in use”. Basically … Continue reading

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Aaannnddd… We’re Back

Oof. The site was offline for a good 30 hours or so. I attempted to add a Ruby On Rails install to FastCGI for a family related project I’ve been working on and my server totally exploded.. even the file … Continue reading

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Maven: Including Axis2 Artifacts into EAR’s

I’m going to skip over a rant about how much Axis2 sucks in order to pass a tip on how to include Axis2 artifacts (AAR’s, MAR’s, etc) into an EAR file using the Maven plugin to package EAR files, maven-ear-plugin. … Continue reading

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News Flash: Apple Finally Released Java 6 for MacOS X!

UPDATE: I was up too late, and didn’t notice that it’s update 6 for Java, not Java 6. This is just another update for Java 5… *sigh* I’ve been up pretty late doing a little work and tying-up some last … Continue reading

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