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FreeBSD Ports: What Happened to mod_php5?

I’m recompiling PHP5 on my server to add PostgreSQL support, and couldn’t figure-out why all of the various mod_php* ports had disappeared from the ports/www. Turns out you need to enable PHP to do its own Apache support now. To … Continue reading

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Hacking Apache HTTPD Server at Yahoo!

Michal J. Radwin of Yahoo! gave a presentation at the recent ApacheCon 2005 about their own internal version of Apache HTTPD Server called yapache, and the various hacks and configuration issues which they’ve worked through over the years. Since 1996, … Continue reading

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ColdFusion MX on FreeBSD? Quick Update

During the CFMX beta period, I started playing around with getting CFMX running on FreeBSD 5.0 STABLE and got far enough that I could get the service to start. However, being that there was no source to the Apache connectors … Continue reading

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