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Hot Corners Stopped Working on Mac OS X

Like many Mac users, I use hot corners to start my password protected screensaver when I’m ready to walk away from my desk. Seemingly out of the blue, I was unable to use hot corners any longer. I tried changing … Continue reading

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An Alternative To Waiting In Line for the iPhone 3G

I’ve been on the fence quite awhile about the iPhone. It’s not cheap, it’s grossly over-hyped by a very fanatic fan base who seem to overlook it’s flaws, and while I’m not a terribly flashy person, there seems to be … Continue reading

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How To Repair User Permissions In Mac OS X

I’m in the process of setting-up a new Apple MacBook Pro today, and during the process of trying to import and get some old SSH keys working correctly I accidently changed the permissions on my home directory. Even after scrolling … Continue reading

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Java 6 Shipped With Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 7.04 was recently released, and is the first Linux distribution to include the Java SDK as a standard part of the Operating System. This is exciting news and goes to show that the effort put into open sourcing Java … Continue reading

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