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Farewell CFDJ: My Last Year on the Editorial Board in Review

Although this is a topic which has gotten much coverage, to the point of beating a dead horse, I felt obligated to comment on it as someone who served on the Editorial Board of the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal until is … Continue reading

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Latest Article – Why Interfaces In ColdFusion Are Irrelevant

Just a quick heads-up– my latest article in the ColdFusion Developers Journal is Why Interfaces in ColdFusion Are Irrelevant which was in the December issue. This article builds on an earlier post I made, and goes a different direction than … Continue reading

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The New CFDJ Editorial Board

I’m proud to announce that I’m now part of the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal Editorial Board. We have quite an impressive list of experienced developers and evangelists in the community, and I’m honored to be part of the great group helping … Continue reading

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