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Running Jetty 7 on Port 80 With Maven

I think Jetty is one of the best kept secrets in the Java world, in particular for getting a quick container up and running with full integration with Maven for local testing of Java based web applications. I was doing … Continue reading

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Development in Mac OS X: How To Fix the Lame Default Font in Eclipse

The default Eclipse for Mac OS X font is kind of annoying since it’s way too big and reminds me of MS Comic Sans. If you try to replace it with one of the wonderful ProggyFonts without tweaking them first, … Continue reading

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CFEclipse Gaining Popularity

It seems that CFEclipse is getting pretty popular– the latest nightly build nightly builds have already been downloaded over 5,100 times which is pretty impressive to me. I’ve been using it for around a year now and it certainly makes … Continue reading

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Key Shortcut for Block Indenting in Eclipse

I have one last thing to add here for Eclipse as I’m pretty much done configuring it on my new workstation. Here is how you can setup block indenting in Eclipse (being able to highlight a group of text, and … Continue reading

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