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Protecting Your Users Credentials: Are You In The Clear?

I came across an interesting Security 101 type article about how many popular sites do not protect their users passwords with SSL titled Look At All of These Passwords! If you use any number of popular web forums or even … Continue reading

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My ColdFusion MX 7 Wishlist: How Did Macromedia Do?

A bit over a year ago, I posted an entry about the features and functionality I would of liked to of seen in Blackstone. As most of you know, Blackstone was the code name for ColdFusion MX 7, and now … Continue reading

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Transparent SQL Server Encryption

Handling encryption of SQL Server data on your own can get to be a huge pain, especially when someone starts asking for data out of the database such as “can you give me a report of all of our customers … Continue reading

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