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Google Releases Guice: A Java Dependency Injection Framework

Google recently released yet another interesting piece of Java machinery, Guice. Given the direction that Spring 2.0 is going in, this looks like a good alternative if you’re looking for a simple dependency injection framework. If you’re curious about what … Continue reading

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Reflections On The Google Interview Experience

While I did once interview with Google and didn’t make it very far, my friend Rod actually got invited to the Googleplex to interview but ultimately was not offered a job. However, that wasn’t the end of the saga. In … Continue reading

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Google Code Adds Wiki and Downloads

Greg Stein announced on the Google Code Updates Blog that they’ve added downloads and a simple wiki. Examples of the new download functionality, and a wiki are also provided. This makes me happy; it’s just in time for my “I’m … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Hat Suggestions in GMail

I was just cleaning up some stuff out of the recycle bin in one of my GMail accounts when GMail gave me this “Recycling Tip”: Someone who reads Slashdot at Google must have added this “suggestion”. In case you’re reading … Continue reading

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So I Interviewed With Google

I’m currently on a two week hiatus from work as this is the only couple of weeks of the year that I’m out of school, so it’s a good time to get some well deserved rest, catch-up on things in … Continue reading

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