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Setting Up Windows XP Professional As A VPN Server

Hmm, this is something I need to try out when I have some more free time: In this article, I’ll explain how to configure a Windows XP Professional computer to accept incoming VPN connections and discuss some tips on improving … Continue reading

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Source for Easy Editor (ee of FreeBSD fame)

Sometimes when I’m on a Linux box I find myself a bit crippled without being able to use Easy Editor. I do know vi as it was the first editor I taught myself, but when I just need to do … Continue reading

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Dating a Developer: Advice From a Female’s Perspective

I came across a post with advice about dating a developer from Matt Mullinweg’s blog. Granted it’s very particular to her situation, but in general it’s a good read. For the record, I only have a few geek shirts and … Continue reading

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Goodbye Movable Type!

As you can probably see, this site has been completely changed. Mostly I just wanted to move from turtle slow MovableType to WordPress which I’ve been using on another site for about a year and even sent them a donation … Continue reading

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Free Online Dictionary of Computing

Today I was trying to find a better description for a ‘file descriptor’ to make sure I was understanding the term correctly, and I came across the Free Online Dictionary of Computing. Good stuff. This site reminds me of a … Continue reading

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Slashdot Book Review: The Introvert Advantage

Good stuff. As a stereotypical introvert, its good to see that there are books out there like this one.

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