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The Most Efficent Way to Increment A Map Value in Java

Finding myself in a situation of needing to increment values in a map in Java, I was curious to see what the most efficient way to do so. Said piece of code will be looped over thousands of times and … Continue reading

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Using Spring and Hibernate With JPA And Entity Interfaces

I’m currently setting up a new Hibernate project and finally getting around to trying out JPA annotations instead of using any Hibernate configuration or mapping files– what the hell took me so long!!??! Anyhow, among the many gotchas I came … Continue reading

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Getting Behind Python: Sun Hires Python & Jython Developers

As both a fan and user of the great technologies Python, and the Sun JVM (primarily via Java), I was very happy to come across this eWeek article which says that Sun announced the hiring of two key Python engineers. … Continue reading

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News Flash: Apple Finally Released Java 6 for MacOS X!

UPDATE: I was up too late, and didn’t notice that it’s update 6 for Java, not Java 6. This is just another update for Java 5… *sigh* I’ve been up pretty late doing a little work and tying-up some last … Continue reading

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Java 6 for Developers on MacOS X: SoyLatte Reaches 1.0

For those many of you (including myself) who have been waiting almost a year now for Java 6 to be properly supported on the Mac, the wait is over if you’re a developer– Landon Fuller has released SoyLatte 1.0, which … Continue reading

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Dilbert Groks Java

I can’t say I’m an avid reader of Dilbert by any means, but today’s comic features a mention of Java: Don’t bother. I already coded a Java app to do everything you do. Good stuff.

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Me.dium Now Open To The Public– Announces IE 7 Support & New Widget

My blog postings have been fairly sparse since starting a new position earlier this year, but it’s nice to finally be able to show some of the things happening at my not-so-new job. My employer, Me.dium, just announced today the … Continue reading

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Java 6 Shipped With Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 7.04 was recently released, and is the first Linux distribution to include the Java SDK as a standard part of the Operating System. This is exciting news and goes to show that the effort put into open sourcing Java … Continue reading

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A Good Java NIO Tutorial

One of the newer features of Java as of 1.4 is non-blocking IO, yet it’s very hard to find decent documentation about it or even a simple tutorial. NIO is a very powerful feature but easy to get wrong given … Continue reading

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Correcting Logical Fallacies: Why Java Is Not Slow

Not to directly pick on Peter Bell at all (he’s a very smart guy and I really enjoy his blog, so this is nothing personal at all), I just noticed something he mentioned in a recent comment on a blog … Continue reading

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