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The Most Efficent Way to Increment A Map Value in Java

Finding myself in a situation of needing to increment values in a map in Java, I was curious to see what the most efficient way to do so. Said piece of code will be looped over thousands of times and … Continue reading

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Correcting Logical Fallacies: Why Java Is Not Slow

Not to directly pick on Peter Bell at all (he’s a very smart guy and I really enjoy his blog, so this is nothing personal at all), I just noticed something he mentioned in a recent comment on a blog … Continue reading

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How To Make Ubuntu Linux Faster

I came across a page from the TvEase wiki the other day via Digg which specified a few tweaks on how to make Ubuntu speedier. As far as I can tell, they mostly do a few things like toning down … Continue reading

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Surviving A Slashdotting With a Celeron 466: My Slashdot Experience

On Sunday, March 6th of 2005 I was messing around on my workstation retagging some Mp3’s so I could add them into my iPod playlists when I got a GMail notification of a new comment on my blog. I went … Continue reading

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