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Fixing Remote Desktop in Snow Leopard

After upgrading to Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro, I only found a couple of minor issues which were easily fixed. One of them was Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client crashing at startup when I ran it. Luckily the fix was … Continue reading

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Setting Up Windows XP Professional As A VPN Server

Hmm, this is something I need to try out when I have some more free time: In this article, I’ll explain how to configure a Windows XP Professional computer to accept incoming VPN connections and discuss some tips on improving … Continue reading

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Connecting Directly To the Windows Server 2003 Console via Remote Desktop

Some applications require direct access to the Windows Console to install (in my case, PostgreSQL), and as such it would seem that you have to be at the actual server to install them. Luckily there was a handy trick to … Continue reading

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