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Aaannnddd… We’re Back

Oof. The site was offline for a good 30 hours or so. I attempted to add a Ruby On Rails install to FastCGI for a family related project I’ve been working on and my server totally exploded.. even the file … Continue reading

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Django Is Gaining Legs

While I keep poking around Django, I have yet to do much other than from simple stuff with it. That said, it’s definitely starting to gain some ground, particularly in the media space. Locally in Colorado, both the Boulder Daily … Continue reading

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Ruby On Rails 1.0 Released!

Jake pointed out that Ruby On Rails 1.0 was released today. I’d been browsing around Trac and so forth a few weeks back and saw that it was close, but it’s good to see a 1.0 release go live after … Continue reading

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Web Development Trends of 2006

Anil Dash covers what he believes will be the web development trends for 2006. I’d have to say I highly agree with his comments on Ruby On Rails– there are a lot of little “nice to haves” missing here and … Continue reading

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