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Technology Predictions for 2007

A couple of weeks ago Sys-Con published various industry opinions of what we’d see in 2007 in many of it’s magazines. The article showed-up on Slashdot (with a misleading title) among other places and included various industry luminaries. A couple … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Hat Suggestions in GMail

I was just cleaning up some stuff out of the recycle bin in one of my GMail accounts when GMail gave me this “Recycling Tip”: Someone who reads Slashdot at Google must have added this “suggestion”. In case you’re reading … Continue reading

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Surviving A Slashdotting With a Celeron 466: My Slashdot Experience

On Sunday, March 6th of 2005 I was messing around on my workstation retagging some Mp3’s so I could add them into my iPod playlists when I got a GMail notification of a new comment on my blog. I went … Continue reading

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Former Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Speaks Out

This was on Slashdot yesterday; in case you didn’t catch it, Marc Lucovsky a 16 year veteran of Microsoft who wrote many core pieces of Windows NT recently defected to Google. He’s been speaking out on the faults of Microsoft … Continue reading

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