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Using Spring and Hibernate With JPA And Entity Interfaces

I’m currently setting up a new Hibernate project and finally getting around to trying out JPA annotations instead of using any Hibernate configuration or mapping files– what the hell took me so long!!??! Anyhow, among the many gotchas I came … Continue reading

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Maven: Including Axis2 Artifacts into EAR’s

I’m going to skip over a rant about how much Axis2 sucks in order to pass a tip on how to include Axis2 artifacts (AAR’s, MAR’s, etc) into an EAR file using the Maven plugin to package EAR files, maven-ear-plugin. … Continue reading

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Google Releases Guice: A Java Dependency Injection Framework

Google recently released yet another interesting piece of Java machinery, Guice. Given the direction that Spring 2.0 is going in, this looks like a good alternative if you’re looking for a simple dependency injection framework. If you’re curious about what … Continue reading

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