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Have You Had JRun Connector Problems?

Steve has a few entries about the problems he’s having with JRun connectors, and admittedly they’ve been quite a thorn for me for quite some time. I’ve pretty much narrowed the problem down to them being problems with connecting to … Continue reading

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Connecting Directly To the Windows Server 2003 Console via Remote Desktop

Some applications require direct access to the Windows Console to install (in my case, PostgreSQL), and as such it would seem that you have to be at the actual server to install them. Luckily there was a handy trick to … Continue reading

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Installing ColdFusion / JRun on a Dell Server Gotcha

I’m currently working on setting-up a two-tiered clustered environment on some brand spanking new Dell servers running Windows Server 2003, and ran into a little problem which I’m sure will creep up for other people. I installed ColdFusion MX 7.0 … Continue reading

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