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All Files Up To Date

Wow, it’s really been quite awhile since I’ve wrote much regularly, and I hope to start reversing that trend. Ever since I f’ed up the WordPress theme I did from scratch I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do much at this … Continue reading

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Announcing CFAkismet – Stop Comment and Trackback Spam!

I’ve been trying to find a project to work on to contribute to the community for quite some time, and finally came across something missing that would be very valuable to anyone running a ColdFusion based blog. My blog has … Continue reading

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Just a quick note while I block port 80 at the firewall to try out some Apache config changes and install a caching plugin for WordPress. I’ve been Slashdotted, so this is going to be a bumpy ride… Let’s hope … Continue reading

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Goodbye Movable Type!

As you can probably see, this site has been completely changed. Mostly I just wanted to move from turtle slow MovableType to WordPress which I’ve been using on another site for about a year and even sent them a donation … Continue reading

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