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How To Display Which Processes Are Using What Ports

This is just a quick entry on how to see which software is using which ports. This comes in handy when trying to install an application server, web server, etc, and are getting errors like “port is in use”. Basically … Continue reading

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Free MySQL Binaries No Longer Available?

The MySQL Performance Blog is posting about where you can download/build recent binaries of MySQL as it looks like they are no longer offering recent downloads. I’d have to say there is definitely evidence of this being true– I’m running … Continue reading

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You Know a JDBC Driver Sucks When…

…you’re tempted to contact the database vendor providing the driver and open yet another ticket because you think this method in said driver returns an incorrect value: public boolean jdbcCompliant() { return true; } Although this one might be a … Continue reading

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Transparent SQL Server Encryption

Handling encryption of SQL Server data on your own can get to be a huge pain, especially when someone starts asking for data out of the database such as “can you give me a report of all of our customers … Continue reading

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