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Bruce Eckel On Flash And Flex

I was quite surprised to come across a post by Bruce Eckel, one of the founders of the C++ ISO committee as well as a popular Java author and trainer, essentially evangelizing the use of Flash and Flex to get … Continue reading

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Latest Article – Why Interfaces In ColdFusion Are Irrelevant

Just a quick heads-up– my latest article in the ColdFusion Developers Journal is Why Interfaces in ColdFusion Are Irrelevant which was in the December issue. This article builds on an earlier post I made, and goes a different direction than … Continue reading

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Technology Predictions for 2007

A couple of weeks ago Sys-Con published various industry opinions of what we’d see in 2007 in many of it’s magazines. The article showed-up on Slashdot (with a misleading title) among other places and included various industry luminaries. A couple … Continue reading

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Free MySQL Binaries No Longer Available?

The MySQL Performance Blog is posting about where you can download/build recent binaries of MySQL as it looks like they are no longer offering recent downloads. I’d have to say there is definitely evidence of this being true– I’m running … Continue reading

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How To Reduce the Size of JAR Packages

Adam Bien covers how to reduce the size of JAR packages in Java 5 & 6 here. An example he shows starts at 44 MB and gets reduced down to 6 MB– impressive!

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Moving Forward: Changes In Some Feed URL’s

I’m in the process of transitioning this blog from content consisting of items about my personal life and interests to instead focus on software development. That said, I’ve started removing all links to external sites of friends (you’re now linked … Continue reading

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Creating An IRC Bot in Python

I came across a blog entry which shows you how to create an IRC bot from scratch in only a few lines of Python, which honestly kind of amazed me even being somewhat fluent with Python. I’ve seen a number … Continue reading

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Google Code Adds Wiki and Downloads

Greg Stein announced on the Google Code Updates Blog that they’ve added downloads and a simple wiki. Examples of the new download functionality, and a wiki are also provided. This makes me happy; it’s just in time for my “I’m … Continue reading

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Java 6 SE Released

Java 6 Standard Edition has been released and can be downloaded here. The long winded version of what’s new can be read here, while the summary of new features and changes can be found here. Personally I don’t know if … Continue reading

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Tastes Like FastCGI

I just moved away from running mod_php5 under Apache 2 to running PHP5 under FastCGI for a number of reasons, including that I will be deploying some Python apps on this same server before terribly long and didn’t want the … Continue reading

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